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A quick note to tell you how pleased I was with all of our performances this “spring.” Thank you so much for your hard work and determination despite a semester full of Wisconsin weather. And also a big thank-you to those folks who do more than sing: Penny for reception work, Chris for collecting dues, Barb for her poster design and for recording the concerts (we’ll get a link out to everyone soon), Charlie & Bruce & Kathy & others for help with moving things around, and so many others for so many things seen and unseen.

I will be getting a message out to all of you and also to other folks who may (re)join us in the fall. It’ll have a more complete list of dates, but the thought right now is for the following:

  • Sunday evening, Oct. 13 - Missa Gaia
  • Saturday afternoon, Jan. 18 - winter concert #1 Sunday evening, Jan. 19 - winter concert #2 (Wednesday evening, Jan.15 - Saint John’s preview?)
  • Saturday afternoon, May 2 - spring concert #1 Sunday evening, May 3 - spring concert #2 (Wednesday evening, Apr. 29 - Saint John’s preview?)

Dropbox Goodies Link to: Chorale MP3s and recordings

Schedule Winter 2020

Rehearsals begin August 28th, 7:30pm to 9pm, every week.

Dress rehearsal for Missa Gaia is Saturday, Oct 12th at 9:30am

Concert is Sunday, Oct 13th at 7pm, call at 6pm

Plymouth inside directions:

Enter through the courtyard on Hampshire Street. Either (1) take the elevator to the second floor, or (2) take the first staircase up to the main floor, take a left, and take the next staircase up to the second floor. Once on the second floor, head for the southeast corner of the building (through either the conference room or Graham Chapel) to get to the choir room.