On Sunday April 30, 2023 at 5pm, the Plymouth Chorale will present, "And None Shall Be Afraid: a plea for peace in 5 movements." Each section of this work features a peace prayer from five different faith traditions. Commissioned by the Boise Philharmonic Master Chorale, this piece was first presented at Carnegie Hall in May 2010.  To quote the composer, Paul Aitken:  "For several years I had wanted to create a larger work that would highlight the similarities (rather than the differences) between world major faiths, and I deliberately sought out texts that showcased the common-ground that we all share when we reflect on the subject of peace."

Welcome to our church home, Plymouth Church UCC -- 2717 E. Hampshire St. 

Located near UWM -- one block east of Downer Ave and one block north of Kenwood Blvd.